How to sell wholesale from china How to sell wholesale from china

If someone frowned when he heard the name of the city of Guangzhou, caught his generation. But when it was explained that Guangzhou was the same as Cantonese, then that person understands. Guangzhou (read Kwangco) is the third largest city in China, after Beijing and Shanghai. If Beijing as the center of government and Shanghai is directed into a modern metropolis, the Guangzhou is a shopping center. The city is also the gateway to the entire city transport in the PRC given the position in the South.


A cottage industry producing daily necessities were encountered in this city. According to the data, Guangzhou produces 50% of China’s national shoe production, or amounting to 1.3 billion (1.3 billion) a year post. Wholesale shopping centers are spread throughout the city and sorted based commodities. There is a wholesale center shirts and underwear, dresses wholesale center and boutique quality clothing, shoes wholesale center, the center of wholesale handbags, wholesale centers watches, mobile phones etc. wholesale center. So big, a day is not enough to venture a wholesale center. And the most crazy is definitely the price is unreasonable.

For foreign tourists who only had time 1-2 days, is the most appropriate choice of Beijing Lu (read Pecinglu) and Shangjiu Lu (read Sangciulu). Lu means street. Both shopping centers have the concept of pedestrian walk, such as Baroe Market in Jakarta, filled with shops and stalls of various goods, ranging from official stores, to sell branded goods KW-1 and that is clearly false. While in Shangjiu Lu no jade jewelry sales center, just for this one must have the ability to distinguish between what is genuine which are false.


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