Tax Payment Method Guide Online With E-Billing System

Currently taxpayers may be easier in the fulfillment of tax obligations by utilizing electronic facilities that have been provided the Directorate General of Taxation.

One such facility is the electronic payment system (billing system) that allows taxpayers to pay tax is easier, faster, and more accurate!

Any advantage you can get from Billing System?

With the enactment of electronic tax payment system, taxpayers will benefit more easily, faster, and more accurate.

And is based on official information from the Directorate General of Taxation that the system of tax payment based or hard copy manual that had been served by almost all private banks and state-owned bank and the post office will expire on 31 December 2015. In addition, starting January 1, 2016 tax payments made online through E-Billing.

To accommodate the transition of tax payment from a manual system to an online system through the E-Billing, the state-owned banks, namely Bank Mandiri, Bank Negara Indonesia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, and the State Savings Bank and PT Pos Indonesia still continues to serve the tax payment manually only up to date June 30, 2016.

Therefore, in order to know in detail about the steps that must be done in the framework of tax payments online through E-Billing is more can be learned in the Handbook Payment of Taxes Online With E-Billing System which can be downloaded directly at the following link. May be


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