Homophobic slurs in Eminem song ‘Rap God’ rile experts

Eminem’s new single “Rap God” and it is absurdly fast-paced lyrics have loved wide-eyed, favorable response from fans.

But several music authors now stated the Detroit native’s blatant utilization of homophobic slurs within the standout early-release track from his “Marshall Mathers LP 2.”

Entertainment Weekly put together probably the most offensive lyrics here.

“But he is doing it supernaturally fast, so it’s okay?” requested Salon.com’s Mary Elizabeth Williams. “I suppose? Because artistic expression or something like that. Guess what happens? No.”

The song should really carried out by Eminem’s viscous alter-ego character Slim Shady, and that he has in past years spoken in support of gay marriage, carried out alongside Elton John and was adamant he holds nothing against gay people.

However that does nothing to comfort Scott Meslow each week.

“I do not particularly care what Eminem really thinks – I care what he’s preaching towards the ‘new school of scholars he brags about getting on ‘Rap God,'” Meslow authored within an article headlined “Eminem’s ‘Rap God’ can be quite homophobic, and nobody is speaking about this.Inch

“Because the height of Eminem’s recognition, stylish-hop’s greatest names make major strides to destroy the once-established homophobia from the genre… Eminem were built with a similar chance to show growth as both a painter and a person – and once more, he unsuccessful to consider it”. Find the Rap God lyric here


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