The SEO Book for WordPress Blogs

Since the release of v2.5 many things have changed for WordPress
users. While SEO still has some basic rules, optimizing a
WordPress blog is getting easier as new plugins are added and

The most important change in WordPress v2.5 (and above) is the
new improved dashboard. As with all change this revision
triggered much controversy, pros, cons and confusion. Those users
familiar with the previous versions of WordPress found it hard to
adapt to the new interface, and many beginners found the
navigation less intuitive than they expected.
As any SEO professional would tell you, be forewarned that
despite the ―social media traffic‖ generated through bookmarking
sites and social networks like digg, StumbleUpon, mixx, free link building, Second
Brain and so on, search engine optimization is still important.

Poorly optimized sites don’t do well in social networking, for
obvious reasons you’ll discover on subsequent pages. The success
equation is simple: poor SEO = wasted traffic = poor conversions
(lost sales).
This short eBook will reveal the most important SEO aspects for
WordPress blogs (and for any other blog or website in general).

Download the full free SEO Book (PDF)


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    Nice article,this is useful information you have provided

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