To be Page 1 in Google

GOOGLE study – Googl ranking optimization services the main content.

Let the structure of your site [WEBSITE STRUCTURE] more optimization, search engine rankings for most of the needs; [BAIDIU; YISOU; SOHU; SINA; 3721; TOM; CHINASEARCH];

Let the content of your site organizations more reasonable, more targeted, through the contents of the organization, so that your business site and better service to your customers and potential customers, but also more suitable for google ranking rules, for your business Create more social function;

Optimizing your site every page, the site allows you to a page for each display of publicity in addition to your company, in marketing your potential customers are searching for keywords, so that these words are google ranking forefront of the left;

Optimization of the main marketing and ancillary marketing keywords words to all of your business and potential customers are using, or future use of keywords in google ranking the first three pages;

Optimization of the main marketing and ancillary marketing keywords Keywords description, know what is described, I believe you will accept our position left google services;

Optimization of the page’s HTML code.

Google – search engine optimization [SEO] – in the end to do what the left position GOOGLE
Can do or should do GOOGLE ranking relevant rules of many projects, but are generally between client requirements, are those on the left side position GOOGLE knowledge of the customers, they often require only one or two key words , Which is mentioned above, “the main marketing Keywords”, the two words Zhiken pay the annual fee, not a matter of fact, the two words are left in the GOOGLE ranked first, and the other 200 words in GOOGLE position which would be better Home » I believe you will be more clearly, that is above the auxiliary marketing keywords. GOOGLE three minutes left ranking general situation GOOGLE ranking service

If you or your business do not have a website, then from the site location, site goals, the main marketing site words website supporting marketing keywords, site structure, site columns, site content, site design, site file name, the site will develop procedures Google ranking in accordance with the rules to completion (that is, an optimization of the site standards of the programme) this is also the most willing to SEO a project.

If you or your business site has been done a long time, and on every search engine there, and your business site every GOOGLE pages have been included in its index, then you are prompted to pay attention to GOOGLE on the site change every step, China’s corporate website revision, the number of enterprises site of a 2001 revision, a revised six months, but the effect is » I believe only know their own business, of course, we know that.

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